"How do you feel?"

The train went through the tunnel.
The vast sea spreads in front me.
My commuting train runs along the sea from Otaru-Chikkō station
to Zenibako station.
The Sea has mood swings.
I want to record this scene via the window of the train.
I will not exaggerate.
I like to stay natural.
So, I have decided to shoot by iPhone.

The dirt on the window looks like an art filter.
Drop of rain, sleet and PM 2.5 as well.

Blue sea.
Black sea.

Sea where something is.
Sea where someone is.

Irritability, calmness, and the depth of love.

I love the sea today as well.
I love my way of living today as well.

"THE SEA - A train window -" is a project that started in 2012 following the fact that I hava moved to Otaru.

JR Hokkaido Hakodate Main Line via the window of commuter train running from Otaru-Chikkou station to Zenbako station, it is a collection of "memorable / photo collection" of the sea taken.

These pictures are printed on watercolor drawing paper which feels warm.

yourselves eyes and mind. And then fingertips could memories your nostalgia.